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 In short Flexudy Pipe is Flexudy Education’s research group. Here, we brainstorm, design and implement innovative solutions to improve the quality of education and research. Moreover, we also work on open source tools so that we can give back to the community. Everyone is welcome to join us by sending us a request on social media or via mail. We distinguish between proprietary and open source projects. In principle, anyone can work on any project. Ownership is public when it comes to open source projects, meanwhile Flexudy Education retains sole ownership of proprietary projects. Of course, you can directly contribute on open source projects without sending a request. Whether you are a designer, AI specialist, Enthusiast, Programmer, Mathematician or even a Musician, we will be happy to find something for you to work on and improve your portfolio.


Data Labeling Tool for AI and Machine Learning

To train Machine Learning models, you often have to label your data. Data labelling is often tedious and the existing tools are often either expensive or unintuitive. That is why we decided to develop a FREE Open Source Tool for Data Labelling called Labely. We thank Collins-K the for brining this project to life. 


More Coming Soon

A step by step guide on text summarisation using Reinforcement Learning. 


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Deli: Software Architect
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