Flexudy makes Artificial Intelligence your study buddy

Flexudy Education App

Our goal at flexudy education is to improve the quality of education with the help of trend technologies. We all use our smartphones to research, communicate and share good moments with our friends and family. Why not also use this powerful tool to study more effectively?

With Flexudy you can now use the power of Artificial Intelligence to automatically generate quizzes from your textbooks, notes, and other text files.

Our Features


The Quick Reviser quickly generates fill-in-the-blanks questions from your text files, like books, notes etc.

scribe master

The Scribe Master generates fill-in-the-blanks questions from your text and you can evaluated your own answers.


The Summarizer summarizes your texts in 20 sentences. Turn ∼30.000 character into ∼4.000 and save some time.

Ocr (UPComing)

Our next feature-release will be OCR.
With automated text recognition we want to make studying even more comfortable for you!

Flexudy Education is available in your Apple App & Google Play Store.

zero ADvertisement

Flexudy has a zero-ads policy. All we want is for you to focus and succeed. 


Use it as soon as you download it. We do not want to waste your precious time.


Your privacy matters to us. Therefore, we collect no personal information.


Your opinion matters.Please share it with us at all times. We will implement your ideas as soon as we can.

Latest News

Friedrich-Alexander-University published a story about us. Read it here 🤓

You can now download Flexudy on your iOS devices. Have Fun 🤗

Happy to announce being part of IBM’s program “Startup with IBM” 

We are proud to be one of 40 Startups to be invited to the

11th Nuremberger Startup Demo Night

on the 4th of March. Click here for more 🙂

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