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Never loose your cool in school. Get your degree with flexudy.


The future of the world lies in your classroom. Give yourself the time to foster your students.


You want the best for your kids. Flexudy helps you prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

E-learning platforms

Raise efficiency and effectiveness of your E-learning platform.

every click on Flexudy saves you a lot of time

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Dear Teachers, Parents, Students & Researchers,

over the past years we have developed a solution to solve many problems related to education. For example, teachers, trainers and students no longer have to spend several hours creating assignments, quizzes or review questions. Researchers no longer have to read several research papers before finding valuable information. And last but not least, our innovative tools enable parents to help their children learn in a fun and interactive way. Try it out now and share your thoughts with us by sending an email to support@flexudy.com.

FoR Business

Universities, E-learning Platforms, Recruiters and Application Developers

can benefit from Flexudy as well. Integrate our engine in less than 5 minutes into your system to increase efficiency and improve your quality of service. Check out our use cases by selecting your line of business.

Use Cases


Speed up recruiting by generating interview questions with Flexudy. 

Enhance learning management platforms with state of the art technology. 

Deal with information overflow. Summarise your emails and news feed.

Speed up employee training and quickly achieve your business goals.

Check out other use cases here or contact us if you have a special one in lind.


Best use of AI in Education

Winning this award filled our hearts with joy. We will continue to do our best to further improve the quality of education and research through technology. Visit Flexudy Pipe to learn more about our current research.

Customers, Partners and SUPPORTERS


IBM is supporting us with their program “Startup with IBM”

“Flexudy wird im Rahmen des EXIST-Programms durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.”


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